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Monday, October 6, 2011


Who Are the Best Monster Trucks Ever?

a monster truck

These Monster Trucks Are Superior By Far

When it comes to monster trucks, there are some trucks that have just been made with superior stuff. No we're not talking about those little toy monster trucks that your kids will destroy within a few days - we're talking about the real deal that you pay decent money to go see. The best monster trucks have been around for years, doing their thing, no matter who is their driver. That's the level of quality in their craftsmanship... not to mention their quality of smashing cars. So which monster trucks are the best monster trucks of all time?

Bigfoot: The Original Monster Truck

The first monster truck ever is still one of the best monster trucks ever made. The original Bigfoot was constructed in 1979, and by 1983 the truck had started to become so popular that the makers of the truck had to construct a second Bigfoot just to meet the rising demand of the public to see the truck. Bigfoot also got a major sponsorship from Ford in 1985 to continue the show circuit. A semifinalist in the initial 1989 championship, the loss caused the Bigfoot team to go back and do a complete redesign that included the first nitrogen shocks. With continual redesigns, with the exception of 1991, the Bigfoot team won at least one championship every year between 1990-2003, and swept all of the competitive trophies in 1990. That's why Bigfoot makes this list.

USA-1: The First Champion

For a while, Bigfoot really was the only attraction to see when it came to monster trucks. It was not long until other people began to see the fun in what owning a monster truck could be, and Everett Jasmer was one of those guys. That's how USA-1 came about. The name comes from a Chevy commercial from back in the day, and the nationalism in the name made the truck instantly popular. USA-1 helped to establish monster trucks as a viable and competitive sport, as it raced against Bigfoot in the first televised monster trucks race in 1983. USA-1 also defeated Bigfoot in spectacular fashion on the inaugural monster truck racing circuit for the very first championship. USA-1 helped to establish monster trucks and their legacy in American culture, and for that reason it makes this list.

Grave Digger: The Best Freestyler There Is

When people think of monster trucks, many people think of the Grave Digger. Digger was created by Dennis Anderson in 1981 and soon joined the monster truck circuit. Now Digger has gained a few championships over the years, but what people know and like about this truck is the fact that it isn't afraid of any stunt. The Digger closes most monster truck shows with a spectacular stunt that often causes the truck to wreck, and this has been the case for several years. Like Bigfoot, the Digger has been made into several different reincarnations and more than one Digger makes appearances due to demand. When the lights are on, you know it's go time for the Digger, and that's what brings fans in time and time again when it comes to monster trucks.

The Special Event Monster Trucks

Some of the monster trucks that were created were done to bring in a specific fan base... and not much else. Two of those monster trucks stand out because they were able to draw out huge amounts of fans and still be competitive:

Batman Monster Truck: There's no secret that people love Batman, but more people love the Batmobile than they do the character itself. This concept was taken to the monster truck level with the Batman monster truck. Designed like the Batmobile itself, this monster truck had bat fins attached to the back of it and is officially licensed by DC Comics. Introduced in 2006, it made the finals in 2007 and 2008 in the competitive circuit in which it competed, making it a winning combination when it comes to monster trucks.

Jurassic Attack: Who doesn't like the combination of dinosaurs and monster trucks? That's the idea of Jurassic Attack, which is built like a triceratops dinosaur. Built in 2001, this truck is known for some spectacular freestyle stunts and less for its racing ability.

Monster trucks really have become an icon of American culture, and they are starting to spread out to the rest of the world. With competitive circuits in the United States, Canada, and Europe continuing on to this day and a confiscated Bigfoot even operating in Brazil, monster trucks represent something to each person as a reflection of themselves. Whether you just go for the crashes or you follow a specific team, one thing is for certain: monster trucks are going to change you in some way.

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